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04/25/2015 (17th this year)
Mike Murphy @ BIB

board: 112 FANATIC SKATE         sail: 5.3 EZZY ELITE

 017 - Rigged at peak time at the north end but it began dropping once on the water.   Had a few short marginal runs out to the Horseshoe Spoil and back.  Finally got enough power to sail through the no boat cut and into the north basin.  Stayed there and it was consistent enough to stay on plane for some fairly long runs.  

04/24/2015 (16th this year)
Mike Murphy @ BIB

board: 112 FANATIC SKATE         sail: 6.1 EZZY ELITE

 016 - Good direction, sorta flatish and fairly consistent.  Out almost to SI#2 and back to the north end.  Rigged at max, it was solid power outside and enough inside.  Hit it about at peak with a big group for the ABK.

04/20/2015 (7th this year)
Alissa @ Port Aransas, TX

board: JP radical wave 65L         sail: 5.2 Worldsail Surge '12

 Surprise! This front wasn't supposed to make it here, but it woke me up creaking the windows at 5 am. Waves were small and very close to shore but fun to have another side-off day this season, on my small board no less. I could have ridden the 4.7 but rigged big to play it safe. 

04/19/2015 (15th this year)
Mark Plunkett @ Windy Point

board: Quatro Custom Freestyle 140         sail: 6.3 Severne S-1

LWF. Why the point was not open is beyond me?  I made the big carry down the gravel bluff face just to get a sail in on a sunny warm day. It is scary enough going down the bluff with gear in flip flops. It was way worse trekking back up with bare feet. Who ever took my Chaco Flips ( I am sure they looked abandoned ), I hope you enjoy them.

04/12/2015 (14th this year)
Mark Plunkett @ BIB

board: Fanatic AllWave 9'2"         sail: 6.3 Severne S-1

 LWF on the SUP


041215 from Mark Plunkett on Vimeo.

04/12/2015 (2nd this year)
Trina H @ Bird Island Basin

board: Starboard Phantom         sail: 6.5 Sailworks Retro

Dana, my college roommate and lifelong friend was visiting Corpus Christi.  So I took her out to Bird Island.  There was barely enough wind, but had fun. First time to rig the Phantom.  Used the centerboard a lot. Never got on a plane but that was a good thing because the universal was not the right one and popped out.  Got the right one now and can't wait to try it again.  Dana enjoyed hanging out on the beach with T-Bob.  

04/11/2015 (13th this year)
Mark Plunkett @ BIB

board: Fanatic AllWave 9'2"         sail: 5.3 Severne S-1

More DTBs in a little more wind than yesterday.

04/10/2015 (12th this year)
Mark Plunkett @

board: Fanatic AllWave 9'2"         sail: 5.3 Severne S-1

Morning was dense fog and threat of rain. I was recovering from yesterday anyway. I planned to LWF based on the forecast. It started to rain at noon, so I was delayed a few hours. I worked on Duck To Backwinded (DTB). I like this term better than light wind duck tacks. I saw it recently described this way by Phil Richards. It is easy to complete this move in light wind on a floaty board. If you don't tack you can complete a series of them on each tack. I am still getting them down, but I complete the majority of them. What is weird, is unlike most moves, it seems just as easy on either tack.

04/09/2015 (11th this year)
Mark Plunkett @ BIB

board: 2013 Choco Rodeo 124 LTD         sail: 6.3 Severne S-1

A birthday present indeed. I may not be very good at windsurfing, but I sailed my bottom off. Vulcan attempts were more face plants than back of head slaps. Video don't lie. U-G-L-Y. I still had a blast. 

VAotD 040915 from Mark Plunkett on Vimeo.

04/09/2015 (15th this year)
Mike Murphy @ BIB

board: '14 JP 93 FWP, 112 FANATIC SKATE         sail: 6.1 EZZY ELITE

 015 - Finally as forecast on third time.  More than enough sail, first time big board, last time small one.  Out at SI#1 was nice, inside just small on/off spots and a bit light at the launch.  Choppy but not the washboard or as gusty as usual south wind.  Week-end and beyond look to have some rain and not much wind.