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01/30/2015 (1st this year)
Mike Murphy @ BIB

board: '14 JP 93 FWP         sail: 4.7 EZZY ELITE

001 - Fresh and fairly weak front with more than forecast starting early and lasting all day. Rigged at the north end and it was out and back to the boat ramp channel and IWC, at the Horseshoe point both ways.  About a half dozen on the water most of the time.

01/25/2015 (1st this year)
Mark Plunkett @ Windy Point

board: Quatro Custom Freestyle 140         sail: 7.5 Severne NCX

I had to carry my gear a long way due to the "sandbar" being closed, but worth it since it has been so long since I have sailed. My Severne NCX worked great with my new Severne Redline 460 RDM.

12/31/2014 (66th this year)
Mark Plunkett @

board: Happy         sail: New Year

Happy New Year! Thank you again to Hans for hosting the Windlog.


This is just a statistical analysis and summary of my year windsurfing for me to reflect on later. I have found it helpful to look back at past year end summaries to gain some perspective on how the wind was this year and where my sailing is now relative to the past.


Session total was 59 (up 18) this year - without any major injuries! One minor windsurfing-related injury, right lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), from pushing it over several consecutive days sailing this spring. I think this may have been exacerbated by slightly too long harness lines. Who knew such a thing would be possible. Recovery from this took several months, but that did not keep me off the water.


41% of the sessions on local lakes (only one less day compared to last year), and 34% on the Texas coast (up 13% this year), but none were in the waves. I have to fix that!


Only 3% of my sessions were high wind (no Gorge trip this year).


Trips to Bonaire and NC this year were very good with 7 days of sailing each. That is amazing, but it also shows my wind snobbery is gone. I would rather LWF than not sail at all. I am looking forward to a little more SUP in 2015. I am finding more excuses to leave the bike at home and I will use any excuse at all to not need to run.


No new moves. I am still trying to land a vulcan. I did take an ABK Clinic this year. My quest began on 9/1/2008. I was able to find this looking back through my windlog. Here is a quote from that first vulcan-related post:


“I also learned today that I may never vulcan. Even with great gear, I am still glued to the water. I am hoping it is just a mental hurdle. Watching Brian and Mike, I was thinking how hard it must be to take it to that next level. I am going to try, I am not giving up, but it is very humbling”.


I obviously had no idea how humbling it would be! At least, I have shown I can persevere and that I am no longer stuck to the water.


The best stat of 2014 was 11 days sailing on the water with my kids this year. This was mainly due to taking a trip with O. to Bonaire, but I just had an amazing day sailing with E. in SPI only a few days ago. These sessions will be the ones that I remember most of all.


Peace to all and may everyone stay healthy and happy in 2015.


12/27/2014 (65th this year)
Mark Plunkett @ The Flats, SPI

board: 2013 Choco Rodeo 124 LTD         sail: 6.3 Severne S-1

On the water sail chi by myself and the local wildlife. Peaceful way to spend the morning. Sure beats the morning run. 

12/26/2014 (131st this year)
Mike Murphy @ BIB

board: 112 FANATIC SKATE         sail: 6.1 EZZY ELITE

131 - Hit the peak again and a little more on the low end made a big difference.  It's been six years since using anything bigger than 5.8, today was first for the Elite 6.1.  Rigged at max and everthing felt fine, wanted to change boards but didn't with some pesky lulls. Same folks on the water as yesterday.  Next couple of fronts look to be much colder.    

12/26/2014 (64th this year)
Mark Plunkett @ The Flats, SPI

board: 2013 Choco Rodeo 124 LTD, Quatro Custom Freestyle 1         sail: 5.3 Severne S-1, 6.3 Severne S-1

Awesome road trip with Evan! Sailed all day in warm and mostly sunny conditions. I still do not love how shallow the Laguna Madre is here. Crashing Vulcan attempts were too scary, but C360s were smooth and fast. It felt great to escape the rain and get one more good session before the cold hits. 

12/25/2014 (130th this year)
Mike Murphy @ BIB

board: 112 FANATIC SKATE         sail: 5.3 EZZY ELITE

 130 - Hoped for a little more but for what it's worth did hit it at peak time. Just out to SI#1 and back, good medium power outside and up/down inside. Actually had 3/4 dozen on the water.  Maybe a couple of days to follow.

12/24/2014 (63rd this year)
Mark Plunkett @ Windy Point

board: Quatro Custom Freestyle 140         sail: 7.5 Severne NCX

 Freeride alone on a sunny 50º F day on Lake Travis.

12/23/2014 (62nd this year)
Mark Plunkett @ Windy Point

board: 2013 Choco Rodeo 124 LTD         sail: 5.9 Severne S-1

Not bad at all! I was warm with my 3/2 and Dakine mitts. No GoPro footage sadly. I am not sure if it was operator error or it's days are numbered. It did not have much of a charge.

12/16/2014 (129th this year)
Mike Murphy @ BIB

board: '14 JP 93 FWP         sail: 5.3 EZZY ELITE

129 - Fresh front, wind as forecast and reasonably warm.  Rigged at the north end and it was out to the North Spoil and back. Lots of full power, minimal lulls and semi-flat.  Felt kinda overpowered but the Elite was stable rigged at max.  From the start thought 4.7 would have worked.  All solo until finished then a couple more gave it a short shot.